Adventures in Photogrammetry land. My first photo scan, a little garden frog statue we have at home became my first test subject. Photographed using my DSLR, about 30 pictures taken on a nicely overcast day. I then used VisualSFM and MeshLab to generate a dense 3D model and diffuse texture map. Imported into ZBrush4 to re-mesh. Into MODO for a new Uv map and then baked new textures from the original dense model onto the re-meshed model. Rendered in MODO902.

Final model in LXO (modo) and OBJ available for download here
Toy Train Texturing in Painter 1.6 and PBS to modo tests.

 Original Test - rendered in 902
 Another render done in 902
Progressive render in 902 after correct PBR shading applied. 
Same model and scene in Allegorithmics Painter 1.6.
Very similar surface shading = I'm happy!

3D model to Print

My 3D model of the Eagle Low Drag has now been printed!

The guys at did an awesome job of printing the model and were very helpful with the many questions I had while I set up/converted the file for print. And the guys at Eagle have done an amazing job of preping the model for it's final finish. I am looking forward to seeing it. For the moment however, here are some pics of the prep'd model.


Modelling the Eagle Low Drag GT

I've been modelling the Eagle Low Drag GT on and off for a few months now and am happy to say it is finally finished, the modelling and textures at least. All modelled in MODO 801 and all SDS except for the wheels which are polygons. I also plan to do a Game Res. and SketchFab version and will post here once complete.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

I have made my highly detailed and accurate Aston Martin DB4 Zagato 3D model available on Gumroad and also at CG Trader.

Available in various formats including Collada, lxo (MODO) and obj. More available upon request. This model is 100% sub-divisional surfaces, has UV's and comes with texture maps.

Zbrush Tutorial - SpiderBot Gun

My journey into learning Zbrush was given a boost with
the great tutorial over at I'm starting to
finally get my head around the UI and working in Zbrush.
Looking forward to finding more time to sculpt!